Security & Facility Management Services

Mama n Maid offers fast and cost-effective property Security services for Residential, Commercial, Corporate, and Industrial sectors in Mangalore. Our complete property care services are tailored to suit your preferences, ensuring customers’ Safety & satisfaction every time. Trust Mama n Maid for all your property renovation needs!

The Facility Maintenance division of Mama and Maid is comprised of full-time protection technicians that have enormous education in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, portray, and familiar protection services. Mama and Maid offer upkeep and restore offerings to public and personal proprietors of workplace buildings, retail buying facilities, and multi-family projects. Maintaining the property proprietors’ funding in a price high-quality manner, whilst stopping any deferred protection is of utmost problem to our staff.

Our purpose is to pressure the most advantages of facility administration offerings in Mangalore for our clients. We have a strategic and customer-centric method utilized by each provider that gives a value-added experience.

Heating, ventilation, and air condition
Engineering services
Specialized fitness and security system
Space administration and in shape services
Infrastructure, avenue sweeping frequent place cleaning

Service Overview
Our strategy is to supply memorable experiences for the cease customers of the constructions in which we operate, whether or not this is the workplace, in a residential property, or at university. We supply an entire services administration carrier in Mangalore for businesses somewhere in the world, managing the jogging of your property and estates, liberating you up to listen to your core business.

Condition of your home. We work in groups of 2-4 or more. A crew chief or the owner.
Housekeeping and Cleaning.
Pest Control.
Waste Management.
Facility Energy Management.

Service Quality
We stand out from our opposition for the transport of our sustainable offerings that additionally provide top-of-the-line value financial savings and measurable results. Business overall performance administration and patron precedence are our pinnacle priorities.

We have a skilled technical group that has labored on various technical initiatives in specific industries. We carefully look at the venture necessities of our purchasers subjected to their industry. We can assist our consumers from fleet administration to exceptional assurance. We assist our customers run the exhibit with effectivity and decrease the price in the lengthy run

Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities management is an organization function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of efficiently delivering support services and effectively improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.

There are two main types of facility management; Hard and soft management. Hard Facilities Management refers to services relating to the actual structure of a property and the systems that make it work effectively and remain safe. Soft Facilities Management refers to services that overlap with property management, such as pest control, cleaning, grounds maintenance, and security.

Cost-effective property maintenance Timely and planned hardware servicing and repairs Monthly management costs which can be planned into budget spend Skilled tradespeople for each job A safe and effective working environment in line with all Health & Safety legislation Managers can effectively do the job they are employed to do rather than arrange and plan contractors, repairs and maintenance A well-maintained property creates a safe working environment, reduces energy costs and ensures all areas of the business can function smoothly and efficiently.

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